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Experience Barranquilla

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Barranquilla is known as Colombia's most lively city. Its privileged location enables land, air, riverine, and maritime connectivity, which has resulted in Barranquilla's impressive development. ​


  • At Movich Buró 51 you can enjoy the flavors that embody this region's magic. Here, the region's traditional dishes shine. Thanks to our chef you will be able to enjoy a posta negra, a traditional breakfast, or traditional mini appetizers.

  • Visit the Iraka Bar or our terrace and relax as you hear good music and enjoy your favorite drink.

  • The hotel’s design is inspired by Barranquilla’s style and culture. Its architecture boasts the vibrant Carnival colors.

  • But the best thing that Barranquilla has to offer is the warmth and happiness of the Barranquilleros. Chat with them, get to know them, and pick up their tips and tricks. You will always find a smile and a kind answer.

  • You can walk to the Buenavista Mall, one of the city’s main malls, which is just a few blocks away.

  • The city’s best restaurants are also within walking distance: discover Barranquilla’s nightlife at Washington Park. And just a few minutes from there you will be able to savor the many restaurants this city offers as a result of its cultural diversity.




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