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Movich Chicó 97 (Bogotá) ’s Map in Bogotá

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Hotel Movich Chico 97 is located in the shopping and nightlife area of Bogotá. It is situated very close to Parque de la 93, Zona T, Virrey Park and the Andino and El Retiro shopping centers. We also advise you visit attractions such as the Gold Museum, Monserrate, the Paloquemao Market Square, La Candelaria, or that you enjoy the bike path which is popular on Sundays.

Also, just two blocks from the hotel is the Chairama Spa, where you can enjoy discounts during your stay with us. The famous Gaira restaurant can also be found just 5 minutes away.

Interesting points

  • Gran Estación SHopping Center
  • Maloka Interactive Museum
  • Monserrate
  • Gold Museum
  • El Dorado International Airport

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