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We do our best every day to represent and promote the elements that make Colombia a unique country, savoring its gastronomy, its textures, its colors and the warmth of its people.

Located in the north of South America, bathed by the richness of two oceans, intertwined by multiple rivers and crossed by the imposing mountains of the Andes, Colombia is one of the most megadiverse countries in the world thanks to its multicultural population, regions and races. Columbia is a privileged country due to its valleys, plains, coasts, mountains, jungle and desert, as well as its great variety of climates which favor the diversity in plants, animals and ecosystems.

Visit and learn about the different parks and nature reserves. The Tayrona Park, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or the Los Nevados Natural Park are some of the many options.

Colombia is also the birthplace of great artists such as singers, athletes, writers, painters and many others. A culturally rich and artistic country, as well as picturesque, Colombia is ideal for visiting museums, art galleries, international fairs and catching a bit of Latin American history and tradition. Visit one of the many craft markets or archaeological parks and learn about our roots.
Thanks to the growth in the Colombian economy, the country has become a privileged destination for business trips, leisure or adventure. If you travel to Colombia you can enjoy and even learn to dance its rhythms: cumbia, salsa or vallenato. The country also hosts famous world fairs and festivals such as The Flower Fair in Medellin, the Barranquilla Carnival, The Cali Fair or Manizales Fair are must visits at least once.

For lovers of good cuisine, Colombia is a destination in which options are abundant. Treat yourself to a traditional dish or choose one of the many international restaurants.


Temperatura promedio 16º / 8.1millones de habitantes / El ajiaco es la comida tipica

Lo Imperdible en Bogotà:

La Candelaria
Museo del Oro
Plaza de mercado Paloquemao
Ciclo vía los domingos


Temperatura promedio: 20ºC / 1.2millones de habitantes / Arepa con queso y mazamorra es la comida típica

Avistamiento de aves en el Jardín Botánico de la Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira o Santuario de Fauna y Flora Otún Quimbaya
Tour del café
Senderismo paisajístico o biciturismo
Parque Ukumarí


Temperatura promedio: 27º / 3.8millones de habitantes / pescado frito con arroz con coco es la comida típica

Visite en Cartagena:

Walking tour de la ciudad amurallada
Atardecer en la terraza Movich Hotels
Castillo de San Felipe
Paseo a las islas
Aviario nacional


Temperatura promedio: 21º / 3.8millones de habitantes / La bandeja paisa es la comida típica

En Medellin debe conocer:

Pueblito Paisa
Museo Botero
Plaza Botero
Metro Cable y Parque Arvi
Piedra del Peñol. Guatapé
Cementerio Museo San Pedro
Museo de Arte Moderno
Ciudad del Rio- gastronomía
Parque Explora


Temperatura promedio: 24º / 2.4millones de habitantes / La Lulada y aborrajados es una de la comida típica

En Cali no se pierda:

Visitar el monumento de Cristo Rey
Aventura en el río San Cipriano
Zoológico de Cali
Eco parque de las garzas
Granja de las mariposas ANDOKE
Feria de Cali (Diciembre)
Las ballenas jorobadas (Agosto a Octubre)
Parque de san antonio
Museo de la tertulia


Temperatura promedio: 27º / 1.2millones de habitantes / pescado frito con arroz con coco es la comida típica

Lo imperdible en Barranquilla:

Malecón Puerta de Oro
Ventana al Mundo
Museo del Caribe
Castillo de Salgar