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The Movich Hotels loyalty program is designed to thank you for your loyalty and choice of hotel. This program allows you to accumulate points for your confirmed nights of reservation to be exchanged for nights or express benefits at any of our hotels.

At Movich Hotels we want our guests to get out of their routine and enjoy our services in another way. Earn points and enjoy a weekend amongst excellent company, or, what about redeeming one night so that the family can accompany you on your next work trip? Be sure to save money on your next trip by redeeming your accumulated points.

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Be part of Movich Dreams, the way to connect dreams!

Movich Dreams can belong to any person of legal age in Colombia. You just have to:

1. Become a member
2. When making your hotel reservation include the ID number with which you signed up
3. 48-hours after check-out the points for the nights of your stay will be accumulated in the account of the guest who made the reservation
4. Accumulate the amount of points required to redeem the night or benefit you want in one of our hotels
5. Enjoy your rewards!

Movich Dreams

• It's free
• It’s done through
• Only people over 18 years of age can register with their personal identification document

• Only for accommodation. The points are accumulated per night per room to the holder of the reservation
• 48 hours after Check-out

• Nights of accommodation or express benefits at Movich Hotels for the account holder or the person indicated by him / her
• Points redeemed at least 5 days prior to the date of stay